“Simplicity is the key to brilliance”

Bruce Lee

Senior web consultancy for serious goal-oriented businesses

Z&Co helps companies to reach objectives by providing dependable product development services; without the micro-management bit.

Areas of Expertise

Content + Design + Technology = Relevance

Content-driven Design

Designing is the process of making things work for a particular reason. Every element should serve a purpose, based on context and function, creating relevance.

Back to Front Engineering

With the support of good design, a reliable infrastructure is essential. Z&Co builds elaborate systems, ensuring a unique experience that feels right and connected.

Working through Methodology

Our ultimate vision of project development


Ponder before taking action. Remember, the wisest men were the ones who challenged the unknown and the reason for its existence. Z&Co will ask the right questions to make sense of your goals. We will not perform work we cannot understand.


Stripping down parts of a project to its essence to achieve simplicity is a key aspect of minimalism. Z&Co will help you to focus on what's important for you now. Sometimes you may only need a bicycle instead a rocket-ship. We are honest, and your budget will thank us.


Missing deadlines, taking action before planning, and experiencing sudden turnarounds? These are signs of poor management and lack of productivity. Z&Co can manage your project from beginning to end while you focus on results.

Behind Z&Co

Zanona&Co is the corporate identity of Marcus Zanona and a team of specialists transforming 13 years of experience in industrial design and web development into creative products that shine on the technical side and provide a compelling user experience.

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